You’re going to get to know them really well

Every time we try to expand our reach or grow our businesses it’s totally dependent on the action of our clients and customers. Their choices will decide our successes or our failures. Our clients and customers need to know us enough to trust that we can help them competently and we that add value to their lives. In every piece of content we create, and every message or email we send, we are sharing ourselves with them so that they can make an informed decision about who we are, what we do and how we do it. That amount of information shared might just be enough to give them something free or sell them something really small and inexpensive.

When it comes to the larger purchases (anything over $200), our potential client needs to know us a little better, but more importantly, WE NEED TO KNOW THEM REALLY WELL. There’s nothing sinister about knowing our clients wants and needs. It’s actually very important and a very positive thing. The reason we do this is in part so that they will create additional trust with us, because the monetary risk is bigger.

That’s when the scale tips the other way in the relationship. You need to know them really well and they need to know that you do. If you don’t know your clients, they will struggle to feel comfortable with you. You need to know them so well, that you can prove what you are offering them can and will help improve their lives. You’re not doing this so you can manipulate them, you’re doing it to make sure that your product or service will add value to their lives. The last thing you want is to have a client that can’t benefit from what you’re offering.  You would be setting yourself up for some very negative feedback and a nice dent to your reputation. 

If your business is dependent on large ticket item sales and a fairly long lifetime value per client, you should be trying to get to know your audience very well. When it comes to a decision about your product or service the one question that will likely decide it all is