Actively Following Your Niche | Comp.1

If you’re trying to grow your business online one thing you HAVE TOO do is FOLLOW YOUR NICHE. Almost everyone follows quite a few people on social media and maybe you’re even friends. But what I am suggesting is to make it really count, to help you NOW and in the FUTURE.  

Don’t passively follow people. You need to get more out of it.  Take a good look around on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube. Look for the people in your niche , particularly the ACTIVE ONES. Those are the ones you need to pay attention to. And here are 2 reasons why.

  1. They are in your niche and they may overlap precisely what you do. That would make them your competition. It is NECESSARY to know what everyone else is doing your niche. You can quickly find out where you stand in the marketplace. You could become aware of the latest trends. Also you can compare your offerings by quality, price or value. Let’s be honest, people do shop around and if you don’t know what the competition is doing, you’re blindly trying to be competitive. It doesn’t mean you need to get into a pricing war, because after all it’s about value not price. So take a good look at the content, products, events that your competition is doing. They can shed a lot of light on what you need to do to reach the goals you have.
  1. This one is my favourite reason. For future collaborations and joint ventures. If you ever want to grow your business by doing a summit, webinar, podcast or online event, you’re going to need to know who you would want as a guest expert in your niche or who you would be willing to interview for. There is no point in just briefly checking the profile of a person you’re going to work with. If you don’t have a few months of information on what their speaking points are, how often they are in events or what their engagement rate is with their audience, you’re uninformed.  There will be a good chance you will be doing something together that won’t workout as well as you hope. You would like to know that they are consistently engaged with their email list and when they post in social media people are looking, liking and commenting. Here is a scenario for you. You bring someone on board for your online event. They tell you they have a 5000 person email list and they are a specialist in the topic of your event. The event enters the promo period and guess what. You get just a dozen people who opt-in through that expert. You know what happened? It could be a few things. Their list could be stagnant or the people on their list might not be niched into what your event is about. Or they just didn’t promote for you. All that work on your end to produce an event to grow your business and you lose by not knowing enough about your guest. All this can be avoided.

This one strategy is so easy to do and it will save you a ton of time and money down the road. You just need to spend a little time setting up an email account specifically for joining peoples email lists. Maybe you’ll want to use your existing one or something more anonymous or separate.  Once you have that, join every ACTIVE person in your niche’s email list. You’re soon going to find out how consistent they are. How good their copy is and what their main speaking points are. You’ll also be able to see how often they are in an event and how they promote those events to their audience. You might see people that get on events with a promise to promote and  do not. Those ones just shouldn’t get the gig. By doing this you will know who you can count on to keep their end of the bargain.

Follow them on all their social media and look at what they are doing, and mostly look at the engagement rates. Do they have the attention of their following? Do the people that follow them engage by commenting and does the person respond?  This is important to know. You might find someone in your niche on Instagram with 17,000 followers , AWESOME.. Not so fast. They are following 15,000 people… Really?, do they scroll through 15,000 peoples posts everyday? No… I’ m thinking this a LIKE for LIKE scenario that has no real value. And with the 17,000 followers they were getting 2 comments and 40 likes. That’s a quarter of a percent engagement rate ( 0.0023% ). Not good at all. Vanity numbers only work on those who aren’t paying attention to what’s really going on. You will want to see how they promote, and what their content is geared for. Is it to help people or is it a lot fluff and sales content.

Doing this can save you a lot of time in the future by having a shortlist great people to work with and show you some excellent examples of people who really do fantastic work. You could make a few connections along the way (the right ones) and grow your network with real professionals. Most of all, YOU WILL LEARN who you should and should not collaborate with.