Keeping Your Promise | Comp.2

Do you have a following, an audience or even better a email list. Because if you do , here is one lesson that will make or break your efforts. 


As usual this sound likes a short basic tidbit of wisdom. But it needs to be really understood for everything it is, to realize how grand it really is. 

We sometimes make the mistake of abusing the internets flexibility in growing a business. The path we should actually follow is narrower but it is also simple. When when get creative, most of the time we complicate things. 

Deliver your promise is about your brand, how people feel about you or your business. As a client, you know how you feel about companies or people you do business with. I can talk about this with a very wide scope and relate it to several parts of your business. But let’s just talk about The people that follow you, or in your email list.

What did you do to get them to follow you or give you their email address? Was it a free gift or an event? What seems to be ignored while trying to grow your following is what you PROMISED EXACTLY in exchange for that email address. I can’t tell you how many times people mess up their connection the first time they email or broadcast to their audience. The mistake is what you’re doing is not what the person EXPECTED. There is no universal understanding that if you share your email address that people have total discretion what to use it for, and marketing to someone is unfortunately frowned upon more than other things. 

This is when when we abuse the flexibility of the internet. You have data which will allow you to PUSH information toward the audience and they will receive it whether they wanted it or not. More importantly, whether they expected it or not. And this is why most people fail to stay in good standing with their audience, and why people unfollow and unsubscribe. Because you did something they didn’t expect which is basically something they didn’t want. Now you have lost their trust and it will impact your brand. Make no mistake, if you do this to anyone, getting them back will be near impossible. 

I went to a convention that promised to be a learning experience for me and my business. IT SURE WAS. I learned that I was going to be targeted all weekend by several of the guest speakers as to why I should hire them as my coach. 95% of the time I was being pitched and I’m being generous if I said 5% was useful ( I learned what not to do ). I felt deceived, ripped off because it was a waste of time and money. I didn’t hire anyone. I never considered anyone or anything related to that event ever again. 

And then there are the times you give your email address in exchange for a ebook or to watch an event. What do you expect to get after the delivery of the ebook or after the event is over? Did you actually give permission to be pitched and marketed to from that point onward. Were you ANTICIPATING what was going to show up in your email inbox? Of course not. 

Thats is why DELIVERING YOUR PROMISE is a huge deal. If you tell people what they are signing up for, they will expect it and anticipate it. When you have a relationship with your followers that you deliver exactly what you PROMISED and they are waiting with anticipation for it, your engagement goes through the roof. Open rates and Opt-ins are sky high. Because you kept your promise, NOTHING LESS & NOTHING MORE. 

It really is simple as you can see.

1. Promise them exactly what you will do in exchange for their attention ( follow, email address). Make sure it is clear, the more specific the better. If you’re doing a newsletter, tell them what it will likely contain, and when it will be delivered. 

2. Deliver exactly what you promise, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. Exactly when you say you will and make sure you hit that mark consistently. If it is blog posts at 7am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Make sure it gets there.

People don’t sign up for something they don’t want, but they do unsubscribe if they aren’t getting what they expected. If you follow these 2 simple rules you will at the very least have an audience that wants exactly what you offered and even better they might grow to become your biggest fans and wait with anticipation for your next post or email.

If you want to expand on what you want to email people with, get more permission first, make a new promise. But that’s a discussion in anther post at another time…. SOON!