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Trust is the key component to any transaction, financial or permission based. And building that trust is the first step in creating a relationship with someone who could turn into a paying client.

If you don’t have their trust you have nothing to build on. I’m not talking about creating a faux trust just to achieve a sale, I’m referring to a solid value-based trust that can last and grow. When you have that with your audience, your results obviously skyrocket.

We are all reaching far and wide online for potential new leads, clients or connections. With the right platforms to get our messages out, we are not restricted by location and not hindered by costs to reach people on the other side of the world. Online business has challenges of its own and the biggest obstacle for many is changing someone’s outlook from a “who are you?” to a “I can’t do it without you!”. But it can be done. The process needs to be planned and executed professionally by you. That’s the reality. If you want those big results, the effort will need to be big. There is no short cut here. 

Let’s understand what the “who are you?” people are thinking first:

  • They know nothing ABOUT YOU except you seem to be within a positioned in niche they are interested in.
  • They can’t possibly know your level of EXPERIENCE during that first impression.
  • They have no real perception of your VALUE.

These seem like big hurdles to clear but everyone has had to face them. The sad part is, some online entrepreneurs try and fake it or misrepresent themselves in order to fast track to a sale. This is a problem for all of us because we are all in competition with these people, but don’t worry, KARMA eventually takes those folks out of the picture.

Creating trust from nothing is nothing new. We’ve done it with everyone we know, we’ve done it our whole lives, and it’s achieved in small ways. But the one thing that must happen every time you’re building trust, is that someone must demonstrate that they can be trusted without expecting anything in return. You’ve done this an uncountable amount of times with the people in your lives that do in fact trust you and value the relationship you share.

When it comes to online business, you need to demonstrate that you are trustworthy and provide value to their lives without expecting anything in return.  You have to be willing to offer something of value without expecting applause, thanks or payment. And you must do this repeatedly. It doesn’t mean you give away life’s work for free. It’s about proving that what you do is valuable, actually so valuable that what your giving away for free is merely the tip of the iceberg compared to what you can do for people should they choose to be your client. 

Give them $10 worth for free a few times so that they can understand the value of what you do. Do this until they understand that the free thing you gave them is actually worth $20. That’s the easiest way I can say it. You have to get them to a point where they know ABOUT YOU, your EXPERIENCE and your VALUE without asking them to reach into their pocket.

This is a key point, because most people’s idea of a warm lead is someone who follows you, likes your posts or is on your email list. That’s just not true. At that stage they are simply a contact, nothing more. When you have proven your value to them, they become a warm lead. Meaning when you do actually offer them something to purchase from you, they only question if they need it or can afford it.  If you are throwing offers to people who are just contacts, you are pitching to people who have a lot more questions, most of which they won’t have an answer for and therefore you’ll almost never make the sale. Contacts covert extremely low, if you do make a sale it will be coincidental, like maybe 1 in a 1000.  Warm leads convert at a much higher rate depending on how much value you have proven.

When you’re actively sharing on social media, communicating with your email list or doing an interview/event, make sure you start telling them ABOUT YOU, Share your story, your EXPERIENCE and prove your VALUE. 

TRIED AND TRUE, this is the way it works online and on the street.

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