Bring your business up to date | Comp.12

If there is one thing we consistently fail to do, it’s clean up after ourselves. We do our worst maintenance online. Even though it’s really easy to do, we still act like hoarders.

I guess partially because it’s not a physical item that doesn’t take up space and also because we are afraid that if we reduce our footprint online (no matter how out of date it is), we reduce our exposure as well.

It’s simply not true. You can still end up looking like a hoarder or a slob to people who visit your website or social media accounts. At the very least you might look like someone who’s work is out of date or whose message is a moving target.

You may know some people who have a ridiculously large number of active websites and social media accounts. Too many for one person to manage. They may have made some changes in their business or pivoted, and that spawned the new thing they created and abandoned the old. How does it look? If they haven’t kept themselves up to date, it probably looks like a garage sale. The same can be said for old content on a website. Have you ever tried to opt in for something when the website owner is no longer focused on that item? You get nothing, more likely you get error messages. Old social media accounts that show some of their worst work from days past, with a message and focus that almost defies what they stand for now, makes you question their integrity.


Don’t be surprised if you are, I have. But when I saw how it affected me, I fixed it and advised others who were suffering to do the same. For your reading pleasure, here is a short list of things you might want to look at with your online content.

If you have social media accounts that you no longer post new content on, you need to question if you want visitors to see and engage with what is there. You may have kept the account open as a place holder for the account name. But truthfully, what’s the point of letting look active. Archive the posts, kill the bio picture and description and decide on leaving it as a blank canvas for future use or end it.


Some of us have been doing posts on our favorite platform for years. Long enough for people to witness a noticeable change of quality, focus or heart. Unless displaying your entire history works to your advantage and is part of the master plan, DON’T DO IT! You should display your best and most up to date work and all the other relevant posts that meet with your current quality standards.

If you have websites from businesses past still up and running, they will still be contributing to your overall online profile. They might not look good or operate properly, and when someone goes there, oh boy they are going to fall in love with you (NO, THEY WON’T). If the site doesn’t serve a purpose, then reduce your expenses and close it out. The last thing you want is for people to be looking for present day you and end up finding you from days gone by. That version of you likely won’t be a good sales rep.


Maybe you have just the one website and you have built it out over the years. Please make sure all the content is relevant and up to date. Make sure your message is consistent. You should make sure all your links and opt ins are working. If you have removed pages from your menu, make sure the pages aren’t active anymore. Surprisingly, there are a ton of active pages online that are not linked but can easily be found. Old blog posts and pod casts that aren’t on point need to go. You don’t want to look like you are contradicting yourself publicly.

OLD JOINT VENTURE AND O.P.C. (other people’s content)

Some of you may have done interviews or webinars with others. You or they still might be harbouring that content online even after it has long expired. Do yourself and them a favour and ask them to take it down. In most cases people will comply and it can give you opportunities to work together creating fresh new content.


From time to time apps, files, themes and servers get updated. You should at least look at your website every day to make sure it’s up and running properly. This is also a good time to look at your google analytics. You can quickly identify if there is a problem with a page or link while looking a website activity and user flow.

These are great ways to tidy up your online empire and make sure people see the best and most relevant information about you and your business. It really doesn’t take long, and you can benefit from people finding the current and most up to date version of you.