The Importance Of Questions

Have you ever noticed that most of the time we ask people if they can relate to a situation we are describing in order to gain their attention?


Good, I just demonstrated it perfectly!

In most copy or advertisements you can see the questions being asked of the consumer, “Do you suffer from (blank)?” and “Why are you paying more?”. It’s begs for participation, and we often do in one form or another. They make you decide whether this is you or not, or if you are satisfied with something. When a commercial asks “Do you suffer from type 2 diabetes?”, in my head I still participate and answer “NO” and I ignore the rest of the ad. However, if the question was “Do you suffer from lower back pain?”, Bingo! That’s a “YES” from me and they have gained my attention for as long as what they offer is relevant and has the potential to help me.

It’s so simple, and yet we often don’t consider to craft the question and ask it at the right time. We are afraid of asking the question because we don’t like putting people to a decision where the outcome will likely be a “NO” 95% or more most of the time. But guess what, that’s what you should do! There is no point in dancing with a large number of potential customers prolonging your ability to discover if they are IN to what you are offering.

Sometimes you need to ask the question just so they can decide for themselves if they want to continue giving you their attention. Truthfully, you really don’t want to waste their time or yours either. Figure out the right question and ask it at the right time.

On the flip side of this, what about when the potential customer starts to ask questions? Then congratulations. If you have managed to motivate someone to ask or enquire further about what you do. You have opened up the lines of communication to a higher degree.

There is an art to creating content that will connect with people and prompt them to participate by asking questions. Sometimes we go a little overboard on the scale of what we create and reduce the chances for further enquiry. It’s good to have all the answers, but sometimes it’s better to give them personally.

No doubt questions are extremely important when operating and online business. It is a great way to get yourself in a conversation with the people who are most interested. When we seek to bridge the gap between a cold prospect and a paying customer, getting them in a conversation through question is a good option.