Are you a voice or a noise

The simple answer is, you’re a voice to the people that want to hear what you have to say and a noise to those who don’t want too.
Now, the challenge for every business owner is how do you go from being a noise to a voice in a world where the noise keeps getting louder?
What would you do in a crowded room full of potential customers? Believe it or not what would work in that room actually works online. Let’s look a some great examples of how this plays out in both worlds.
You’re in the crowded noisy room and you know NOBODY, but you want to connect with EVERYONE. 

  1. REAL: Walk around and greet people who you make eye contact with. ONLINE: Check out other peoples posts, acknowledge and like the ones you prefer.
  2. REAL: Listen to the conversations going on around you, lean into the ones in your wheelhouse and try to participate ONLINE: Look for people or groups who are talking about the thing you specialize in and join the conversation.
  3. REAL: Try to mingle with more people within the room, don’t just stay in a convo with one person or group. But stick around long enough to be memorable. ONLINE: Continue to find new people and groups to participate in and connect with, make sure they know what you do and you’re message.
  4. REAL: When you circulate around the room and come across someone you have already spoken too, don’t be afraid to engage again on a more familiar basis. ONLINE: Revisit and engage with people you have already made contact with but follow up on a more familiar basis.
  5. REAL: Once you are familiar with quite a few people try to create a group of your own audience by introducing them to each other. ONLINE: Create a group or page that people you have connected with can join you and get to know each other and you lead the conversation.
  6. REAL: Once you know enough people that recognize you and your value, Go the the front of the room acknowledge all the people you have met and tell the whole room your story, message or your offer. ONLINE: Once you know enough people that recognize you and your value, tell the whole group or all your followers  your story, message or offer.

This is basically what a networking event is. But most people don’t operate like this. It’s in our nature to be careful about who we talk to and how we approach them. We are afraid of rejection or being irrelevant. But its ok, like I said in the beginning to some people you will alway be noise, but he only way you’re going to be a voice is to talk to people.