Build Something That Works

I often wonder how some people planned on making their business work. It seems that online businesses fail to work because they weren’t designed too. Because the entrepreneur did not understand what really makes it work.

There are so many online businesses starting up and shutting down every day. It’s just as easy to fail as it is to start. That’s what happens when the cost of entry is so low that an idea can be half-heartedly pursued and given up on with low amount risk or expense. The other factor that drives this quick turnover is misinformation. That it’s not just inexpensive compared to brick and mortar, is so easy and simple too. Depending on who you encountered that got on to the “quick six figure, pure freedom plan”; you may have had some early success that was a sign that you’re going to make it. But in most cases, things slow down and stall leaving many to wonder if their idea had any merit at all.

Some continue to search for answers and even fewer find them before it all comes to an end.

Because no matter what your product or service is, understanding how to make your online business work to give it the best chance to succeed is INCREDIBLEY IMPORTANT.

The nightmare scenario I see play out over and over has some or all of these issues:

  1. No story
    No history or relevance to indicate why the business exists except for an attempt to make money. And it may make some money, but we all know a product or a business with a story usually succeeds better than one that doesn’t. If you offer a service, then there must be a reason why you do it. If there isn’t then why would anyone want to hire you?
  2. No content
    There isn’t enough information or discussion about what you’re doing. If there is one thing people overlook about content, it is a way for people to recognize how active you are. If you have content that is always new and fresh people can tell you’re all in. Have you ever looked at another business and noticed they haven’t blogged for 6 months and nothing is new on their social media for weeks? It gives every impression that you’re closed for business, you just haven’t put up the sign yet.
  3. No infrastructure
    There may not be a website or a social media accounts on platforms that would be a huge benefit to the business. For some reason the person thought they didn’t need some of those things to run an online business. But that minimalistic idea can render you invisible. How are people going to find you? Do you really thing a Facebook page is all you need? No, you need that and everything else YOU CAN AFFORD too. Exposure in all the right forms can only help.
  4. No lead gathering tools
    Even some of the best companies struggle to be sticky enough to attract and obtain leads. You can’t just wait around for people to DM or email you if they have any questions. Having multiple lead generating tools in the life blood of your business. If you don’t have them, then where is your next customer coming from? You need to constantly be collecting new leads.

Online entrepreneurs overlook some of these because they are stuck on a strategy that seems easier and faster. And that doesn’t change until they figure out otherwise. Your business can succeed to varying degrees based off of your idea or concept. After that it’s going to count a lot on the tools and things you do to make it an online destination that people can find, interact and do business with.

My suggestion for anyone trying to succeed online is to take a closer look at what you have from the perspective of your ideal consumer. Do you have everything in place that would help your business? Or will you settle for less knowing you didn’t give it the best chance to succeed?