Email lists are going up in value | Comp.8

That’s right, the list of email addresses that fuel an online business are more valuable now than ever before. Even though having an email list has been around for quite a while. Certainly, long before the social media apps and chat bots. Email lists still remain a necessity for businesses.  The reason their value is going up is simple. The ability to organically reach people through social media has diminished and the ads on those platforms continue to get more expensive while becoming less effective. It’s safe to say that if the industries overall price to reach potential customers goes up, you must include email lists and therefore become more valuable.

But that’s not all. There has been a lot more legal activity around how social media platforms operate, mostly focused on content advertising. As new laws regarding paid ads and traffic come into effect and new rules get applied, platforms will continue to change the way peoples content gets discovered. And in the short history of this industry the effect has always been on the downside. 

Remember as well, you don’t own the list of people who follow you on social media, so it can’t be considered an asset the same way an email list is. Even though there are a huge number of influencers and the amount of money being invested in them is growing, there has been some dilution and the earning power of an influencer is going into decline. Over the past few years, the number of followers, likes, comments and the engagement rates have steadily risen to be considered an influencer worth paying.

All of those factors indicate that the value of attention and connection have gone up.  When you own an asset like an email list, it pays off in many ways and it does so repeatedly. And the real beauty of it all… when you send out an email it gets to ALL the people on your list you intended it for.

The people on your email list are special, they chose to accept content from you directly. Can you imagine if you received emails from everyone you followed on social media every day? You would go nuts. The people who remain on your email lists without opting out likely want to continue hearing from you. They value that content more than most others. And that’s what makes it effective and more valuable.

If you haven’t got an email list yet. Get started. If you haven’t been growing your existing one or nurturing the people already on it, you should know better! Get back on top of it. It’s more valuable than you think!