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Comp.9 Finding Your Word of Mouth People

If you had to choose what type of person you wanted to connect with first as a customer or client, you would have to choose a “word of mouth” person. It’s that simple, and the reasons are solid too. Because this type of person is the one you serve best and therefore, they are more likely to be the one to tell others about you. During the time you are just starting out and trying to grow your business it would be great to have 10-12 people raving about you to others. The beauty of it is, you have very happy clients and they are doing some of your marketing for you. 

The businesses that fail usually do because they didn’t get any traction. And that traction is almost always word of mouth referrals. Now I could just stop here because what I’ve said make sense and there couldn’t really be much more to this strategy, but there is. It’s one thing to tell you who or what would help, but more important to help you find them.

I always sing praises about the reach of the internet and how you can talk to anyone in the world. But I find most online entrepreneurs almost always have this problem, they go after everyone. And this can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the beginning. And let me clarify what I consider to be the beginning. The first 2 years or If you have to heavily market to try and keep the business going and if you aren’t making a living. 

Going after everyone later can be beneficial, but in the beginning, it is a bad strategy. You are literally an unknown and nobody else is talking about you. At the same time your message almost needs to be all things to all people. Well that’s nice, but in doing so you’re nothing special to anyone. Some people don’t narrow their audience down because they fear they will exclude people who could be potential customers. What you need to do is narrow it down to the people that would benefit the most. The bigger an impact you make the better, because those people will become raving fans and raving fans talk to people about you in the most positive way.

Here are 3 things that can help you find your “word of mouth people”

  1. Narrow your search down

You should know exactly who benefits the most. So how would you describe this person? And don’t be general about it.

Let’s use a dating coach for example. A dating coach might welcome anyone as a client. But there are endless possibilities as to what a potential might be like and what they need help with. So here is a specific one.

Helping Women or men with busy professional lifestyles and personal lives heavily invested in sports, health and fitness

I could go further too, like introverted or extrovert. New to the country or city. Even religious beliefs.

All of these descriptors may in fact be something you have very special knowledge about. And it makes it so much easier to find these people. If make it easier to advertise to these people too. Your story will resonate with them specifically. It is like you know them already, and that’s what will help them find you too.

  1. Pick the active ones

It’s easier to spot this now than ever before. 20 years ago you didn’t know what pictures or comments people share with their friends. But now you do. You can look at social media posts from almost anyone (that isn’t private) and get a good idea if they talk about their life experiences or not. Do they rave about other things that have happened in their lives, if they have, they are the ones you want to connect with?

  1. Choose the ones with their hand up

It’s better to help someone who wants help and is ready for it. If they have their hand up asking for help, then they will also be the first person to communicate when their problems have been solved. Everyone around them knows they wanted help, noticed they are getting helped and witnesses the transformation. These are all an extension of the conversations that can lead to more exposure for your business. These people are asking for help in open forums and groups, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

You’re going to have your first dozen clients anyways, so you should want them to be the happiest, most satisfied people you’ll ever work with. Because in the beginning is when your reputation and business needs the biggest boost. And it’s far better to have those people telling everyone about how much you have helped them. It will help you succeed now and in the future.