If you’re better, why are they more successful than you?

This was bound to happen. There are a ton of experts out there and whether they are legit or not they have entered the ring and are ready to do business. With so many people starting their entrepreneurial journey by becoming a coach or consultant (the expert), it really muddies the waters as to who is truly a quality expert and who is not. Because the public (the client) is not going to find out exactly who they are working with until later. And later might be too late. Contracts were signed and money has already been exchanged. This unfortunately happens often, and it has a negative impact on the industry overall.

So why do some less experienced experts get the clients over better more experienced experts? Simple… they are better at marketing. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s how it is. They know how to get people’s attention and hold it long enough to tell a better story and gain trust.

They might be in the bottom 10% of life coaching ability and be in the top 2% of marketing life coaching. And they succeed because the client bought the story and the packaging. And it’s possible the client might think they are the best coach too, because they have nothing else to compare to. They have bought in and there’s little or nothing to change their mind.

I know a lot of highly experienced quality experts that are struggling to succeed, and I wanted to write this for them. And if you feel this is you too, then stay with me because I want all of you to succeed. I want the best to be out in front and in the lead.

This is what I’ve heard over and over, “There are fewer potential clients online because there are too many people in my field” and or “The only clients I seem to get are the ones that have gotten burned by an inexperienced coaches and poor results. They are working with me now because they finally became aware of my experience and value”.

The reason this problem exists is because really experienced and quality experts know where they rank in their field, in ability and effectiveness. Combine that with a resistance to marketing themselves because it feels pushy, desperate and salesy. They don’t think it’s right to publicly boast about themselves in order to get clients. They should get clients because THEY KNOW they are better equipped to help people, and everyone should already know that (but they don’t). So, they sit back and wait for people to realize it, they don’t pander to anyone on social media. They mostly participate in events they are invited too. They are usually the guest, not the host. And they rarely create any hype over anything they launch for their business. They aren’t lazy, they struggle to reach out because they are constantly trying to improve themselves and their work, and they hope that it gets noticed.

If you know you’re better, I mean really know, then stop sitting back waiting. Don’t be the person at the convention that proudly stands behind their table grinning, knowing they have a great product but are just waiting for people to walk up and notice. Because down the aisle there’s a person selling something similar but not as good and cheaper, and they are out in front of the table talking to anyone coming down the path. This is how people fail online. They become background noise to the ones the ones that consistently try to reach out to people with their writing, videos and they events they host.

The ones that make sure they get noticed beat the ones that wait to get noticed, every time.

Let me be clear about one thing. The way forward isn’t about doing some crazy gimmicky marketing strategy. You’re not going to get in a pissing match with less experienced people. You’re going to show up, YOU! You’re going to start sharing YOUR STORY, BETTER AND MORE OFTEN. Your story is going to show people how you gained your experience because yours if different from everyone elses. You’re going to show people what you can do, and even share a sample of it so they can see for themselves that it works.
By doing these things they are going to see why you are better. They will see your value NOW instead of later. And you’re going help a lot more people more effectively before anyone else can do them wrong.

Is this what you intended to do?

Time to change things up, so here are a few things that you should seriously consider doing now.

1. Create content that tells your story, and you need to tell it often. If you have a wealth of experience you will be hard pressed to repeat yourself. You will always have something new and interesting that sets you apart from the rest. Make sure the story lets people know that you get it, and by it I mean you understand what they need. If you can keep showing people that you understand their problems, they will realize you will be able to help them too.

2. Your website needs to be your virtual headquarters. People think this is silly and sometimes argue that websites are a waste. They are not. It’s the home for all your content. If someone comes across a post of yours online, they might see what else you have on that one platform. But when they have a link to your site and that site tells them THE WHOLE STORY and shows all the other content you have done, all the interviews and events you have done, and all the product and services you offer, that makes all the difference. Your social media is you standing in front of your table talking to everyone passing by, your website is the table, your products are on your table the same way they are on your website. It works.

3. Host events and don’t wait to be on one. The best event you will ever be on will be your own, because you control everything about it. It will be precisely about your specific niche because you will tailor it to be. You can control all aspects. The format, the guests (if there are any), and the offer. You will attract people to join your email list. People who want to hear from you or want more from you. And your offer can be revenue generating. You will have content that you can share for a very long time that can constantly grow your business and you’ll GET NOTICED.

These all work when done properly. I know a lot of people are frustrated because their business is going sideways. When you have the talent, skill and experience that others don’t, you need to share it, you need make people aware. You can set up your stand on the side of the road or a booth at the show and just wait for people to pass by, but that’s not harnessing the reach of the internet. You can be global, and your success is not tied down to location, location location! You can succeed if you reach out. If you’re struggling to with the idea of doing any of these, or taking the next steps please reach out to me, I would be more than happy to chat about it. Just don’t sit back and wait anymore.