I’m pretty sure you don’t have a content plan

The reason I’m pretty sure is because the majority of people don’t. You’re not alone and it’s not an exclusive club, it’s not that cool either. Most people struggle to create and post consistent content that is on point and brand. They open an account and start posting but then they run out of ideas, or they struggle with only getting 20 likes, 2 comments and 1 new follower on occasion. The process doesn’t seem like a good investment of their time, so they slow down or give up.

What I find scary is the number of social media business accounts that are dormant. And who knows what happened. It could be a thousand different things. The choice at this point is clear. Do you close the account so it stops working against you or do you create a plan to do something meaningful and productive? Because letting people see an inactive account can mess with your reputation and brand.

When I tell people they NEED to have a content plan, they don’t are very resistant to the idea. Because it’s hard enough to make the thing and post it, and it’s too much to ask them to plan the thing! Social media on a personal level can be very spur of the moment. But when it’s business there needs to be a plan. It’s not to say that you can have ad hoc posts in addition to what you planned to do. The most important thing is to fulfill the purpose of a social media business account.

Today I looked at a dozen accounts and I was surprised at how many weren’t even trying. And the weird part is, these were people that want to grow their businesses. Just so you know this isn’t a “why aren’t you trying?” rant. I want you to see the value of having a content plan so that it becomes much easier to succeed at this.

There are a few things that are unavoidable and we have to accept.

  • We all have to start somewhere and that is always with ZERO followers and likes.
  • We must stay on message and brand consistently
  • We all have to do the work of creating and posting.

These can’t be considered personal obstacle. It’s a level playing field, and everyone has the same 3 points.

So what is it that you can do now? Actually, there is very little to do but it will make a big difference.

  1. You should make time to create content and post it but don’t schedule time to come up with your ideas. If it’s one thing that made a huge difference for me, it is taking notes at any time during my day as the ideas come to mind. Because at any time during the day you can be in different places, talking to many different people and the ideas will more likely arrive then. So write them down. Before you know it, you could have a very long list of ideas, not to mention tons of pictures you may have taken along the way.
  2. Take some time and review the list. Choose the ones that are on message that are relevant for your business or the most fun and intriguing. You can choose what order you would post them in and even schedule dates for each.
  3. The next time you go to create content, you can refer to what you have just created as to what to do next. It makes your writing and creating time so much more efficient and you can even get ahead of schedule.

By following these steps, it should help you be consistent, efficient and on message. All the things you probably want your social media and content endeavors to be.