Is Yours The Deluxe Version

Looking back at content I created years ago, I can’t say that mine was. Then I realized if mine wasn’t the deluxe version, then what version was it? Did I produce mediocre content?  Did I blend in? Back then I would say no, and now I would have to say YES. Because I simply couldn’t stand out doing what I was doing. Even more noticeable was the people who were the deluxe version. It’s obvious what had to change.

The word on the street for a while was don’t get in your own way and be a perfectionist. Go create and distribute content and get yourself noticed. Drive traffic to your social media and website. Don’t worry what other people think, do the work, hustle and grind away at it. Well that’s certainly one way to go, but when you looked at most of the people to claimed to succeed by this method, they could only show you likes and follows and traffic. And everyone thought that might be the whole point and good enough. But it’s not. 

There are hundreds of ways I can get my likes, follow and traffic up. And most of them truly would have zero positive effect to my bottom line. So, I did the thing I was told not to, and got in my own way. Because I wanted a better relationship with people who take the time to consume my content. I at least own them the quality of they deserve. I don’t want to send out hideous emails with titles that fool you into opening it. I’m not going to title a blog with any sensationalism; most of the time my blog titles are questions. And there is no surprise as to what they are about. 

I’m asking you sincerely, is your content the deluxe version? Is it to a higher standard? Are you proud of the message and the amount of helpful things you pack into them? Are you trying to build a relationship with your followers while respecting the time they are taking to read or watch your blog or video? 

You must know someone in the same niche as you, that when you look at their content you are impressed.  Do they connect with their audience on a higher level? Do they have more of a gravitational pull? Because the deluxe version doesn’t just get you noticed, it gets people to share you with the rest of the world. The reason, because by sharing you they are showing their peers the quality of content they prefer. When you offer quality, you are increasing your value. 

I know of people who have numbers that would impress, and I’m sure that if you looked at their content you would realize there isn’t any real value and those big numbers will not convert into any meaningful type of income. They are simply vanity numbers. The quality of your content is the key your success.

You can remember when you created something really good and shared it with the world. The response you got means so much more, because it is more valuable too. That’s the goal, every time. I don’t care how many people follow me, I care what it means to them. And I’m always looking to give them deluxe version.