Shortcuts & Detours

I think short cuts and detours are two great terms/categories we should consider using more. They are exactly as described and I’m sure there are several things that could easily be filed in either one. Advice we may get from some business coaches might be marketed as a shortcut, but ultimately ends up being a detour. Unfortunately, some of our own efforts may look like a quick way to reach a goal or benchmark, but for some reason we go down a path that is somewhat off route and out of our way, then having to pull ourselves back on track.

Shortcuts do exist for online businesses; however, they are less common than you think. The market wants and needs easier ways to grow their businesses and customer base. That need has created a problem. Some of the strategies deemed to be shortcuts aren’t at all. As a matter of fact, some of them can be a complete waste of money or time. That’s how they end up being a detour.

So how can you tell the difference before you take the next step? Simple, it’s all about the speed in which a connection can be formed between you and your ideal customer or client. And I’m not talking about triggering a purchase in record time. I’m talking about a real connection with someone who truly can benefit from what you do or sell.

If your strategy can effectively help you reach your ideal client, then you are off to a good start. The next step is to consider the cost. How much time and money will you need to spend to get a customer or a client and still have an acceptable amount of profit left over? How much will it cost to create an event or promotion, and how long will it take to execute?

There needs to be more due diligence done before spending any time and money on quick ways to grow your business.

There may be technological ways to make the process faster or make your reach bigger. There may even be very time efficient ways to get the opportunity to connect with others. Make no mistake, the connection is the most important part of it all. I’ve seen some cheesy business coaches give very interesting math lessons to entrepreneurs that are looking to grow their businesses faster. They consistently skip the part about how the quality of the connection determines the outcome.

Let’s say you do an event that attracts 200 participants, the outcome will solely depend on the quality of the connection with those participants. Get it right and maybe 40 of them will be clients. Get it wrong, and you get zero.  If you think a summit that gains 5000 email addresses of new potential clients is awesome, it’s only awesome if they are right 5000 people you got the attention of. I’ve seen really dialed in list builds get 600 potential clients do better than some massive ones that ended up with just air. The shortcuts can be found in efficiencies, we can efficiently promote or advertise to people. To spend time and money and miss the goal is just like taking a detour, and nobody likes a detour.

If you want to connect with people faster, it’s still going to be up to you. It’s going to take your reputation, your message and the sum of every interaction you have with people that will determine how fast the connection is made. When you consider your next business growth strategy make sure you can see the ways you can build trust and connection with the people you wish to serve.