Your Oscar Winning Performance

It’s that time of year again when the Academy hands out Oscar awards to some talented people. It’s even and honour to be nominated. And the cherry on the top of all of this is…. If you are in the running, it’s more than likely your movie will get some more views. People might go see it before it leaves the theatre, rent it on demand or buy the dvd/digital version.

There are so many categories, best Actress/Actor, best writer/screenplay, special effects, sound, costumes. Almost all aspects are judged and some really stand out. Because in the end the Academy and also all of us, watch these films and can truly appreciate the final product and everything it must have taken to create it.

Now it’s not possible for us to create these mega blockbusters with our Logitech HD webcam and Yeti microphones, while using a modest video editor. We aren’t in competition with the big studios anyway. But you do have competition.

When it comes to creating content for your audience, is it worth the price of admission to them? Meaning is it worth giving you their attention. Because that’s the real currency online. Or did your performance leave people feeling like they should have walked out the theatre sooner than later?

Your online business may be a smaller production but it should be the best it can be. I’m not talking about perfection. I’m talking about something you can be proud of, that will inspire people to want to keep reading, listening and watching. That’s what it’s going to take to grow your business. It’s the attention, interest and clients you keep, that grow your business. They add up to something bigger. Every cut corner, poorly written email, bad video/audio quality and a message/story that is way off course will lose you the chance to grow your business.

Some of our favourite films and most profitable ones of all time had a lot of things going for them. They had a story you loved to hear. Probably a story you could watch over and over. Or one that you would be compelled to see the sequel because you had to know what happens next. That’s the type of impact we should strive for. A GOOD HONEST story, that is written and produced as best as it can be so that people aren’t merely aware of it, they are drawn to it. You know what else… characters that are believable. Some times you see people who just stand out (in a good way) because everything they are doing seems authentic. They have an honest message and you feel like there is a realness or sincerity that gets your attention. You buy in to them. Best efforts are given to the production quality, because we judge quality quicker than anything else. We can see and hear it lighting fast before we notice anything else.

While Hollywood is handing out awards this weekend, I challenge you to consider what is your OSCAR winning performance for your business.

Better content/writing? Better quality of Audio/Video production? Or the way you convey yourself and your message? No matter what it is you choose, do it to the best of your abilities. You’ll likely get the recognition you deserve from your audience.