The Niche Lab is a highly focused private coaching service that guides entrepreneurs from all levels to clarity on their specific market segment and niche

Notoriously good because you’re niched in

Your niche is one of the most important aspects of your business by defining the piece of the market that finds you and your products most appealing.

It's vital that you know exactly what it is and how to tap into it. Knowing precisely where your audience is makes it easier to connect with people who need and want what you have to offer. By niching in you'll have the best chances of finding your raving fans and your primary client base.

Begin serving those who benefit the most first and you will accelerate your business growth and audience size.

By starting with people who value your products and services, you increase the chances of them promoting to everyone they know. Word of mouth is the most valuable promotional marketing you can achieve.

Getting your mission, message & content in line with your niche will help people discover you for all the right reasons.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been grinding away for a while, being Niche focused is worth the investment. The Niche Lab is a cost effective and time efficient way to finding your ideal primary audience.

Your niche will effect your businesses success right from the start .

The Niche you chose to do business in was one of the most important decisions you made. It’s a part of the market you are competing in and finding people who want and need your product or service. No matter what you have created, it will be most popular with the people who are within your niche. The success of any business is driven by getting your product and service in front of the right people.

When entrepreneurs struggle to grow their businesses they are compelled to try new tactics and strategies to move the needle. Some feel a need to pivot or change their business, hoping the new message, product or service will have a greater impact. There are businesses that have failed believing their work would eventually get noticed and it would be the turning point they needed. All of these situations could be a result of a niche problem and most of the time it goes unrecognized. 

Most people are very self critical believing their message, presentation, product or service isn't good enough. Taking ownership of the problem is honourable but it’s a mistake to own the wrong problem. Over looking a niche problem is very common and has happened to the best of us. We are trying to get the message out, get some attention and connect with people and they don’t seem to be responding. While investing a lot of money, time and effort and creating some great work you end up feeling rejected and you might even be worried about failure.

The reason things aren't working could be hiding in plain sight.

Your message is so broad, it struggles to connect with the people you want to help

You’re tempted to try and serve everyone, thinking you’ll leave money on the table if you don’t. Your message was designed to reach so many, but doesn’t connect with the people you wanted to serve. Because of all this, very few are able to discover what you have to offer.

You don’t know exactly who your ideal client is, but you really want to find them

You definitely know what you want to do and how to do it. Knowing who you best serve is key for any entrepreneur.  The people you should be doing business with are a challenge to define. Without strong descriptors they become impossible to find.

You know who you want to help, you're just not sure where to find them

You spend a lot of time and effort creating content and sharing it with the world. The people you want to help are difficult to locate. Because your work isn’t showing up in the right places, they can’t find you and you go unnoticed.

You tried to help more people and lost track of the ones who need you the most

You have helped a wide variety of people and expanded your scope. Things have slowed down and you're no longer sure what to focus on to get things back on track. You need to find the people who need you the most.

A niche problem is not complex  but it creates a ripple effect through your business

If you think about your goals as a destination your compass is your niche. In the early stages of running your business it may feel like you’re headed generally in the right direction but as your journey continues you would start to realize you’re off course. Because what you are creating and sharing doesn’t seem to leading you closer to you goals, and ultimately you can end up feeling lost and unmotivated.

There are several options most people in this situation choose that are extreme, difficult and costly and mostly demoralizing. Pivoting or Do-overs can often move to people   further away from the work they have the most passion for, and the skills or talents that serve them well. The wrong choice is to believe that your message or business is a failure based off your initial response from the market. If you message hasn’t been seen by the right people then you are making business decisions from the wrong data.

Large companies spend a lot of time and money making sure their products and services find the right consumer. And they will only make changes if in the end their perfect consumer has objections or rejected their product or service. Big businesses very rarely pivot or start over, because they know that is a huge expense in time and money that even they can’t afford.

Getting clear on your niche can help you get very productive with creating content, products or services for your perfect clientele. It makes it easier to find the people who would benefit the most from what you do, when you know who they are and where to find them. When you start to connect with the right people with the right message it is very rewarding and motivating. When you do make a big positive impact on people they are compelled to share their experience with others, and this can be the tipping point that ultimately creates the success you were aiming for.

The solutions that make a huge impact

Your message needs to be heard by the right people, and that means they have to know you are talking to them. All your content needs to be directed specifically to the people you want to help. When they know you can see them, they will see you.

The people that need you the most are the ones you need to find first. Your product or service needs to be with the people who will get the most value from it and generate positive energy for your business.

Be right where your audience is. No more wasting time trying to reach people anywhere. Your message needs to be broadcasted where the right people will notice.

Be connected to the core group of people that give your business meaning. Finding and keeping this group will build the foundation of your business.You should always cater to them because they are your biggest fans.

  • 3 One Hour Consultations

    Discovery, Discussion and Define. Three in depth calls to get the answers we need to find your perfect niche. We discover what it is you want to do, what you love to do and do exceptionally well. Together, we take a deep dive into how you will do it and who it's specifically for.

  • Find Your Precise Ideal Niche

    I’m going to help you find precisely the best market segment for you to focus on to get the exposure you need. This will be the best group of people that will embrace what you have to offer, so that you begin with raving fans.

  • Content Guidance

    We will review you past content and set guidelines for future content on your website and social media. Your guidelines to make sure the time you spend creating content will support your idea, and have the biggest impact on you business.

  • Competition Report

    I’ll create a competition report so we can get a good look at your direct competition and help you stay on top of things happening in your niche. Knowing how you compare and what your competition is offering will give you a strategic advantage.

  • Speaking Points List

    Together, we’ll create a precise list of topics you should focus on for your interviews, webinars and joint ventures. This will make it easy when opportunities come up so you’ll have something to say. Sticking to speaking topics will make sure people know what you’re all about.

  • Social Media Targets

    We’re going to determine the best platforms you should be posting in and the tags that will help you gain exposure so you’re only investing time and energy in the right places with the tags that will work best for you.

  • Report & Guide

    I’ll create a complete report and include the guides from our work together in the Niche Lab to help you stay on track going forward. You’ll want to reference this until you are consistently and notoriously niched in.

As a client of the Niche Lab, you'll benefit from 3 one hour coaching sessions, along with a comprehensive plan to help you overcome what has been keeping your business stuck.

From your Niche Lab coaching sessions, you’ll gain the confidence that everything you are sharing publicly is in unison with your brand and speaks directly to your ideal client.

With the Niche Lab, you'll get the tools to target your audience more directly so you can move with confidence to the next step in your businesses.

The Niche Lab experience (use whatever word here like coaching etc) answers all the questions (and more!) that are keeping you stuck where you are instead of where you want to be.

Find your Sweet Spot. Know what to do next. Create the success you’ve been wanting. Join the Niche Lab Now!
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