How long will you try?

Do you know how long is enough? Long enough to know that the thing you’re creating is going to pay off, or is no longer a wise investment of your energy, time and money? Most of us miscalculate it because as usual we are looking at the data wrong.

We look at how many people like, follow or subscribe. We analyze the number of opt-ins or attendees to our events. Of course, the numbers have to be there to support continuing.

But will those numbers make you quit?

Do those numbers accurately reflect the value of your message, product or service?

These days more people believe it than every before. Because we live in an era where numbers are generated to measure reaction and attention. And they are delivered instantaneously. The next problem is the speed in which we get our feedback. We get analytics fast and as a reflex we make our decisions faster. It really doesn’t make sense. We do not need to hurry ourselves just because we are getting information faster. There are times when getting fast feedback is useful, but if we are using it to make a big decision like quitting or not, then we should take more time.

The real question is how pure is the data and analytics you are getting?

What a lot of people don’t think about is the data reflects how, when and where of what you are doing. And if you settle for that you will not reach your full potential. Because it is to WHO you are doing it for that is the most important detail.

Think about this, you can take any successful product and service in the world and market it to the wrong people and it will fail. For certain!

I’ve seen brilliant people tear themselves apart over the numbers. They either pivoted or quit, either way they were never that same. I know that they are valuable and I’m sure they would have been very successful helping the RIGHT group of people.

But sometimes they do worst thing they can do…

They decide to give up on their passion and try to become something they think the world wants them to be. Because they embraced the judgement of a small group of people; likely the wrong group.

What they should have done, what everyone should do; is make sure you have delivered your message to the right people. The ones who would benefit the most. The ones you can solve a problem for. If you’re absolutely sure you’ve spoken to those people, then the data and the analytics will give you very pure and accurate feedback.

This post was named “How long will you try?”. I asked so you would try to answer it honestly for yourself. But I want to give you my answer…

I will keep trying until I’m sure there isn’t enough people in this world to support what I’m doing. If you are passionate and love what you do, I suggest you do the same!