The risks of being knowingly inconsistent

Anyone can look at the title of this blog and with very little effort, think of some of the rewards of being consistent. But you know what the problem is? It does not matter how well people understand the importance of consistency; most people are KNOWINGLY inconsistent when they shouldn’t be.

I think it’s an interesting discussion. Because what most people don’t really pay attention to is the fact that we are UNKNOWINGLY consistent. There are a lot of things you do the same way every day, maybe even at the approximate same time of day. And we think nothing of this. It’s almost as if we are on autopilot. You might consider these to be habits. Some of these habits were born from necessity, like locking your doors, sleeping, eating and taking care of family. Others were born out of choice, like the route you take to get to work, or how you prepare for the day and the colours you like to wear. Either way, you are compelled to follow through on these habits because if you didn’t it would feel risky or uncomfortable.

During the times we are being KNOWINGLY inconsistent, what are we giving way to? How come we can’t just begin doing something, and do it consistently, knowing it will benefit us.

Maybe part of it is, we are tasking ourselves with a lot of things, most of them mandatory and therefore must be consistent (or else). And because of this our individual capacity is pushed to its limit.

I lean towards the fact that most the of the inconsistency stems from the perceived absence of risk. Meaning if you do this thing consistently, good things will happen. If you don’t do it, nothing bad will happen.

And that’s where the mistake is made when it comes to being an entrepreneur or running a business. Bad things will happen, and it might not be immediate or obvious. But if you decide to risk your time, money and effort into a business and you don’t do everything thing you can, CONSISTENTLY to make it succeed, then you are risking every dollar, hour and bead of sweat you ever put into it.

There are lots of examples in your life that have proven how consistency can help improve it. Diet and exercise are probably the best examples (I don’t need to elaborate on this, you know it, I know it!)

What is it going to take to get you to be consistent in the areas that you KNOW YOU AREN’T in your business? DO you need to come to the edge of failure? I hope not. I can’t be that you need more proof, because there’s more than enough.

Maybe you need to understand the real risks.

If you are inconsistent your business will lose momentum, and it doesn’t stop there. If you stop moving, you’re as dead as a shark (they have to keep moving or they die). Any notoriety or legitimacy can evaporate because of your absence. When you’re absent you become invisible. When you are invisible people forget about you and new people won’t find you. And everything you may have invested in your business will lose its value until it’s worthless.

It may sound dark, but it’s the truth. I just hope it’s enough to persuade to you to look at the areas that you know are inconsistent and give yourself every chance to succeed!