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The one thing your business might be missing is a detailed niche plan. That’s why I began offering this service to entrepreneurs that struggle to connect with their ideal clients and customers. Overall, businesses that know exactly who their ideal customers are, greatly increase their chances to succeed. However that is just the start, because afterward you need to know how to reach them. Knowing what to message you need to share with them is also key to making a connection. In addition, you must know where and when to say it.

Niching in is significantly more than deciding on a group of people you think your product or service is intended for. It’s knowing who are your best possible customers and all the specific information needed to find them. Then you can capture their attention and make solid connections with your high potential customers. My niche plan is a very detailed driven process that can really help you become effective with your business’s marketing strategy and visibility.

You DON'T need to struggle with these niche problems

The wrong audience

The worst niche problem is targeting the wrong audience. Obviously this prevents you from getting the results you want or need because you would be wasting money effort and time. This particular niche problem can cause the most damage to your business.

The wrong message

The second worst niche problem is sharing the wrong message about your business. Instead of saying the right things to the right audience, your message lacks clarity or confuses people. Therefore the chances they will choose your product greatly diminishes.

Oh no SEO

In third place is ineffective SEO for your online presence. Before anyone can find you, search engines are trying to figure out who your website content is meant for. Consequently you content doesn’t look helpful to anyone and you remain invisible online.

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This is the Niche Plan


I help you define precisely what your business is, so there is no mistaking what industry category you are in and furthermore, clearly describes your place in the marketplace.


Create the script that best describes exactly what your business does, then your first impressions and introductions stand out and you become unforgettable.


Gain knowledge about your ideal customers demographics, psychographics, and behaviours. You'll know precisely who your best customer are in detail.


Boost your SEO with the right keywords that help you get discovered by the right consumers. Use them to climb search rankings when people are trying to find your type of business specifically.


We will design key phrases that will elevate your content quality by incorporating your keywords. Undoubtably helping you get discovered more easily online.


I help you create the key messages you need to focus on. Capture the attention of your ideal clients and customers straightaway, so you can start turning heads and get noticed.


Spotting the best speaking topics so you can gain and capture the attention of your niche. These are also valuable writing tools whenever you need them for blogs, articles and posts


Additionally I'll give you all the newly discovered tools we created in a comprehensive 6 page report for your to use as your guide long into the future of your business.

This how I'm going to create a Niche Plan for you


The analysis process

I’ll ask you to show me your existing content and marketing campaigns. Also including your social media posts, videos, stories, reels, and even your podcast interviews. I’ll review it thoroughly to get a clear understanding of how you have represented yourself. After that, I’ll start formulating questions that I will need to ask you in the next part of the process. 


The discovery process

We will do two fun and challenging discover calls together. Specifically to ask you questions about your existing content, products or services, and your business intentions. In addition to that. I’ll ask you about previous customers or clients, and details about your marketing efforts.


The research process

After our discover calls I’ll get to work figuring out who your ideal customer is. Additionally the keywords and messages you’ll need to use to capture their attention. I’ll also research the best ways for you to be more visible online. And lastly I will look for opportunities to help get you noticed over your competition. 


The report process

Together we will review my research and i’ll explain my findings in detail. I’ll share with you how and where to use the information effectively to help you undoubtably connect with your ideal customers. I’ll also give you suggestions as to which content to should invest your time in creating. And which should be removed because there might be existing content causing some confusion. And lastly, I’ll give you guidance on staying consistently niched in for further success.

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Here's what you can achieve with a Niche Plan

Jason Wiehler founder of It All Works and creator of the Niche Plan


Hello, I'm Jason Wiehler

Out of all the things that helped me create a service like this, the most important was be hyper observant. I have decades of management level business experience in Marketing, Human Resources and Merchandising. Additionally, I took a deep dive into learning Google Analytics and studying SEO techniques. Because I noticed how ineffective people’s online efforts and marketing campaigns have been. Specifically, it was their words and messages that seem to create confusion instead of clarity. Particularly for their potential customers and simultaneously for all the search engines.

Whether it’s face to face or online, how you represent yourself is in words you choose to share. Your messages do the bulk of the heavy lifting because they are what define you, and then your actions thereafter back them up. The Niche Plan was created to help you discover and connect with your ideal customers, so you can deliver to them exactly what they want or need.

This is what my clients said about the Niche Plan

Spent more than an hour with Jason the other night as he helped me home in on my niche for my FB challenge. WOW!! He has a way of asking the right questions and really helped me get clarity! If you're struggling with your marketing, not narrowing in on your target market, this is your guy!!! Highly recommend him!!
Wendy Haney
Wendy Haney
Working with Jason has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I've had in my career. The way he designed the process of finding your niche with his gentle but powerful approach to asking questions and giving insights was very productive and on-point. I can recommend working with him to everyone that is struggling with their niche or strategy and if you think you are not struggling: you're wrong! Talk to Jason and find out how much more time and energy you can save with an authentic positioning of your business
Sigrid Weber
Sigrid Weber
Moonstruck Studio
With Jason’s help I was able to sharpen my understanding about the importance of niche work in general and let go of misconceptions I had. As a result I reworked my offering to reach potential clients with crisper and more targeted messages. Instead of trying to reel a big net into a small boat, I now target the right clients, with the right offering.
Alex Brueckmann
Alex Brueckmann
Brueckmann Executive Consulting

Niche Plan FAQ

Is the Niche Plan a course, coaching or consulting?

The Niche Plan is a consultation processes. Nevertheless, you may feel you are getting coached or taking a course because of all the guidance and information you can gain from the process.

How long does the Niche Plan take to complete?

2 weeks is the optimal amount of time to complete your niche plan. Generally most client schedules allow them to book the 3 calls required to complete the processes. While at the same time it allows me to do my analysis, preparations, and research before and in between calls.

How many hours will you need to commit to the processes?

The cumulative total hours for all 3 calls is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Each call should be about one hour in duration. Sometimes they may run a little longer because of special circumstances.

What do you need to do to prepare for the Niche Plan?

You will need to create an email with all the links you can share with me that display your content. Which includes your website, social media, and marketing campaigns and promotional emails. Additionally you need to be prepared to openly answer questions that I will ask about your business. Surprisingly this can be challenging, because bias can played a big part in distorting people view of their niche.

How are the calls conducted?

All calls are done through Zoom with video and audio. It is important for me to be able to ask the questions I have prepared and follow up question in the moment.

What’s in the report?

All my researched answers are in the report. Here’s a break down of what you’ll definitely find in it.

  • Your definitive business description
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Top 5 keywords
  • The 5 optimal key phrases
  • Details on your ideal clients demo, geo, and psychographic (behavioural) information we uncover together
  • 3 Key messages your marketing needs to focus on
  • 10 signature niched in speaking topics

These will come with examples, explanations and guidance on how to use them. Occasionally I do provide additional keywords, key phrases and key messages if they are great additions.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds become unavailable once our first discovery call begins. At that point I would have already invested time reviewing information you have submitted and prepared questions. 

Do you have more questions?

If this FAQ hasn’t been able to give you an answer you needed, please email me at with your questions about the niche plan.

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