Welcome to the Niche Lab

Finding the answers about your niche and ideal client is not only one of the most important things you can do, it also needs to be one of the first, and a priority. A lot of time, energy and money can be wasted when your business is not finding, connecting and serving your ideal client. When you have clarity about who your product or service serves best, you will be able to discover the best place, approach and words that will help your business accelerate.

In this Lab I can help you find the answers. together we can uncover opportunities, add what is missing and create a clear path forward, knowing your client facing content will capture the attention of those who would value your product or serve the most.

"The easiest way to create sales for your business, is by sharing the right message in the right place at the right time with the right people."

Jason Wiehler

Niche Analysis

The Niche Analysis is a way for you to find out if your business is struggling because of a niche problem.

With this you will discovery why you aren't connecting with your ideal clients. Your client facing content will be analyzed for message, continuity, consistency.

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Niche Plan

The Niche Plan helps you discovery the specific niche your product or service serves best.

Together we will find the right message, places and time to connect with the right people. The plan give you the guidance you need going forward.

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Niche Consult

A Niche Consult is a one hour session available for clients who have had and Niche Analysis done or a Niche Plan created.

These consults are for clients who need extended support or guidance with their niche and help with new challenges and opportunities as they arise.

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