The Niche Plan is for new and seasoned entrepreneurs that want to clearly identify their niche, find and connect with their ideal clients and customers to grow their business. Together, during 3 1-hour calls, we will discover and define the niche your business serves best and the ideal clients within it. You'll have clarity about the message you should be sharing within your content. And, you'll have a clear guidance on where to find more of your customers, and the key words, phrases and speaking points that will capture their attention. Ultimately, you’ll spend more time doing what you love and less time trying to find and connect with your target market.
  • Get your elevator pitch nailed down so your first impressions and introductions stand out and become unforgettable.
  • We will find the keywords to get you more attention and help rank you higher in the right online searches.
  • Uncover the key phrases you need to drive the right right to your content.
  • Get a detailed understanding of your ideal clients, through demo, geo and psychographic information.
  • Discover what messaging you need to focus on and use them to capture the attention of your ideal client.
  • Get help developing your signature speaking topics and how to make sure your message is heard.
  • Learn about your competition to help you command a space within your niche.
  • All in a 6 page comprehensive report we will go over together point by point.
During this process, I will be reviewing your existing infrastructure. Your website, social media, outbound marketing content and their performance if the data is available. Our first 2 calls will be the questions I need to ask to get a deeper understanding of your business and about your existing efforts and infrastructure. The 3 call is to review my findings and the report I create for you. going forward you will have clarity about who your business or products serves, where to market to them, the tactics and the messages you should use to get even better results for your business.

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